Tamra Maew Description

There is no poem in the Tamra Maew (Cat poems) that clearly describes this rare color of cat. In nature the chance of both the chocolate and blue recessive genes combining which is required for the lilac color is rare and therefore this color being born in a temple or street setting without breeder intervention is unlikely. While Suphalak (chocolate) and Korat (Blue) do both appear in the Tamra Maew, at the time of writing the poems there must not have been any Lilac cats around or they would have most likely had a poem of their own. 
     Si Kleep Bua or Thai Lilac is a relatively new color in Thailand. The name Si Kleep Bua translates to the 'color of pink lotus' which thai people commonly use to describe the color lilac. Si Kleep Bua is also used to describe the color of the Lilac thai Ridgeback, a Thai heritage breed of dog in Thailand.

     These cats were not bred intentionally but instead were born unexpectedly from Si Sawat (Korat) parents. In conjunction with the Suphalak breeding program which involves chocolate cats there has also been a greater number of Si Kleep Bua more recently born. There will not be an effort to develop this into a separate breed and instead this color of cat will be occasionally be born from Suphalak or Korat parents and called Si Kleep Bua which can be shown in the Gems class at TIMBA shows.  

The International Maew Boran Association

Si Kleep Bua - Thai Lilac