Thai Gems is a collection of cats that come in colors that are not traditionally recognized in the Tamra Maew (cat poems) and therefore are not intentionally bred or normally shown in local thai cat shows. The collection includes Thai Tonkinese, Thai Burmese and Wichienmaat that come in Blue, Chocolate and Lilac. They are relatively rare and no examples of lilac to our knowledge has been born with a breeder in Thailand to date. The most popular color in Thailand is the blue point Wichienmaat.

     These colors are not described in the Tamra Maew and therefore often underappreciated. In an effort to help raise awareness TIMBA has created a new class for them at TIMBA shows, called Gems, representative of the variety of different colors.
Gem Class Rosettes
Blue Thai Burmese

Thai Gems

Blue Point Wichienmaat
Blue Thai Burmese
Blue Thai Burmese

The International Maew Boran Association

Chocolate Thai Tonkinese