The International Maew Boran Association

Tamra Maew Description

Thai House cats are a collection of all the cats which do not find a place in the ancient cat poems. The colors and patterns of these cats are often either very common or not genetically viable / reproducible and therefore not intentionally bred for in Thailand. 

Thai House Cat - Thai Maew Baan

     Thai House Cat or Thai Maew Baan (Maew = Cat and Baan = House) is what TIMBA calls and registers all of the unusual or non-recognized colors of cats in Thailand. ‚ÄčThe colors and patterns of these cats are not intentionally bred for and the majority of these cats are randomly bred on the streets / temples, and occasionally born from Khao Manee parents. Because these cats do not find any mention in the Tamra Maew and are relatively common in Thailand, breeders have not focused on any of these colors or patterns. TIMBA does have a house cat class at TIMBA cat shows and anyone that owns a cat that does not fit into a traditional thai cat category is more than welcome to bring their cats to join the shows.