The International Maew Boran Association

White Cattery

WHITE - Cattery of Thai cats registered with TIMBA on 26.05.2021. The fundamental points in choosing the breed were its natural origin, amazing anatomical physique and a special appearance that distinguishes them from other cats, the personality and social behavior towards humans.

The cattery is small, the producers live freely as beloved pets. Kittens from birth know human hands and their affection, have the opportunity to explore the surrounding space, live and contact with both parents, therefore they are well socialized and adapted to human life. Cats are kept, and kittens are raised mainly on natural feed. The best toys, maximum attention. 

​I'm not in politics, but I'm not out of politics either. Because I don’t consider myself an infantile person and I can’t agree to agree without comprehending and defining my attitude to anything. Therefore, I do not take it on faith and resist when politicians manipulate my mind and try to introduce into the mentality something that is contrary to common sense and inhuman in its essence. All this to the fact that I am AGAINST WAR AND GENOCIDE; I'm FOR LOVE and FORGIVENESS!

Breeder: Valentina  Zhukovskaya