Wila KrungSri is the combination of a new mutation (cm) recently discovered and the burmese mutation (cb). More information about the new mutation can be found on the Wila KrungThep page. This combination has likely existed for a very long time within Thailand but has gone unnoticed because only several breeders have focused on breeding cats that display a darker shadow on the extremities (Thai Burmese) and the mutation also appears to be a rare occurrence. Some of these cats are essentially indistinguishable from sepia burmese (cbcb BB DD). An example of this is Amano and Amina, brother and sister (photos right) who look nearly identical at 4 months of age. Amano was genetically tested as Wila KrungSri (cbcm) whereas Amina tested as Thai Burmese (cbcb). This highlights how similar some of these cats can be. There is no commercial test available for cm yet, and if a cbcm cat is tested the cm will show up as C instead. However it should be noted that any new mutation on the "C" gene will show up as C and it does not necessarily mean it it is the same mutation as cm.

Genetics of Wila KrungSri

     The new mutation is located on the tyrosinase gene, the same gene that the siamese (cs) and burmese (cb) mutations are located on. The tentative naming for this new mutation is (cm) where the m stands for Mai Thong. Cats that have one allele for cb and one for cm are called Wila KrungSri. Wila = Cat and KrungSri = Ayuthaya (former capital of Thailand).

​     The table below indicates our current understanding and notation for describing the different combinations of genes. The observed color for Wila KrungSri (cbcm BB DD) in most known examples is very similar to a sepia Burmese (cbcb BB DD), however there are some notable differences in some cats. These cats have more of a uniform brown color over their entire body, indicating they may be less sensitive to temperature as compared to a cbcb cat. The eye color can range from a yellow (as expected) to more of a blue/aqua color as seen in the photos above. While some cats may be indistinguishable from sepia burmese, there are Wila KrungSri with a more uniform brown color and blue eyes which makes for an unusual and striking look not observed in any other breed of cat.

Wila KrungSri - Ayutthaya Cat

The International Maew Boran Association

Thai Burmese
Amina cbcb
     Wila translates to Cat, and KrugSri translates to Ayutthaya, therefore can also be referred to as the Ayutthaya Cat. The naming concept involves the use of Wila, which comes from an older version of thai language (as opposed to Maew = Cat which comes from modern thai language) and KrungSri or Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand.

Tamra Maew Description

There is no poem in the Tamra Maew that describes this color of cat. The closest cat described in these poems would probably be the Suphalak, or Thong Daeng, however there are enough distinct differences. More information about the differences between Suphalak and Thai Burmese can be found on the Suphalak page. 
Wila KrungSri
Amano cbcm